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Within the international campaign „Silence hate! Changing words changes the World”, Multicultural Centre Prague produced a video named „#HodnejKluk (#GoodGuy)” and organized a guided walk through Prague, with the purpose to highlight the importance of building respect on internet and in everyday life.



The aim of walk named „Racially motivated murders during the Czech post social era“ was to inform public about a wave of racially motivated violence that Czech part of Czechoslovakia and the later Czech Republic experienced between 1990 and 2000. Although these crimes largely coincided with racist skinhead subculture, many of these crimes could take place only because of the prevailing moods in the society and more or less tacit approval on the side of “non-subcultural” majority.

Created a guided by: ONDŘEJ DANIEL co-founder of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture


THE VIDEO #HodnejKluk (#GoodGuy)

Are you irritated by hateful comments of your facebook friends? Do vulgar statements on Twitter irritate you? Or in contrary are you the one who likes to curse ones in a while? Look how it ends if somebody let’s poison his mind by hate and anger…

Created by: SIGNAL GENERATOR (Czech Republic)



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