Okt 012015

cropped-testatadigit1October promises to be a very busy month for Bricks Project. We will take part to 2 important events in Prato and Milan.

The first one is the debate “Hate speech. Manage the community instead of the hate” in the framework of the Digital Journalism Festival #digit15. The event is promoted by the association LSDI ( Freedom of the press, right to information) , composed by a group of journalists aimed at reflecting on the challenges of the contemporary journalism, in cooperation with the Council and Union of Journalists. Our debate will open the 2 day festival on the 2nd of October. Journalists of important national magazines (Espresso, Fan page), a young bloggers, a researcher and an expert digital strategists will contribute.

In Milan a big conference will focus on “Hate speech and freedom of expression” on the 9th of October. It is organised by ASGI, association composed by lawyers specialized in migration issues, in cooperation with the University of Milan. The conference will involve experts from different sectors and it aims at analysing in-depth the phenomenon of hate speech and identify strategies to combat it. The first results of the research we’re conducting within the Bricks project will be presented in a workshop focused on online hate speech and the role of media.

These two events are big opportunities to establish new relationships and improve the awareness on the topics of the project. We’ll keep you updated on the outcomes!

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