Feb 242016

Launched in July 2014, the Less Hate, More Speech Project is coordinated by Media Research Centre (MRC), in a partnership with University of Bergen (Norway), Central European University (Budapest, Hungary) and CURS (The Center for Urban and Regional Sociology, Romania).

The project examines the role political elites and mass media play in reducing or promoting anti-democratic and intolerant discourse among the citizens.

It is an exploratory and comparative study that engages an international group of social scientists in designing and employing online experiments to understand the factors that shape the tone of everyday talk among Romanians.

Through its 11 workpackages that deal with different themes, the project will advance inter-disciplinary scientific research bridging the gap between political science, media studies, and communication science in the sensitive area of pro-democratic and minority-tolerant attitudes and make theoretical, empirical and methodological contributions to the state of the art.

The project will also shed light on the extent and sources of many differences between Norway and Romania with respect to the presence of a pro-democratic, tolerant discourse among citizens.

Less hate, more speech project will be presented on 6th April 2016 during the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy.

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