#Silencehate: European Study on Hate Speech Online

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Okt 202016

The study is the synthesis of four studies conducted in Belgium (the French-speaking part of the country), Czech Republic, Germany and Italy, about the hate speech online against migrants and minorities.

It aims at comparing the various realities pinpointing differences and commonalities, with the aim of learning something from each national experience. In order to do this, the study will consider the national contexts and the case studies analysed by the national research teams.

A special attention is given to the actions undertaken to encourage a positive and effective contrast to racist and xenophobic discourse on the web and to the opinions and suggestions given by social media managers, journalists, media editors, media activists and scholars.

The study contains the “Guidelines for community and social media managers” for the prevention and contrast of hate speech online.



The report is downloadable here

The executive summary in Italian is available here



“Hate Speech against refugees in Social Media” Recommendations for Action

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Okt 182016

Unfortunately, since social networks have become an instrument to spread xenophobia, hate, and abuse against minorities, the need to combat hatred comments online is increasing. How to recognize online hate speech especially against migrants and refugees? How to oppose to online racism? Therefore, “Hate speech against refugees in Social Media” provides an overview of “what can specifically be done if once again racist hate speech is encountered on the internet”.

Published as a part of the federal programme Demokratie Leben!, and funded by Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, the brochure has been created by the no-nazi-net team, and it is addressed to anyone interested to combat racist hate speech online.

In the first paragraph of the study we can read some frequent forms of racist hate speech against refugees, such as: contrasting us versus them, generalizations and blanket attributions, projecting onto “refugees” problems involving all of society. Even sentences like “So am I to be labelled a Nazi just because I …”, or “Where is my own freedom of speech if you delete my comments?”

The study investigates different ways for countering racist hate speech, trying to answer to some fundamental questions about the issue. It focuses on how to identify xenophobe hate speech and how to manage it through self-protection and empowerment.

Click here to read the research.

#Silencehate – When hate speech is on the web

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Sep 232016

BRICkS will take part at the Internet Festival in Pisa on 9th October 2016 with the final event of the Project!

When:–10.00 am-1.00 pm

Where: Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa – http://www.santannapisa.it/

Online hate speech is a worrying and complex phenomenon, which has deep cultural and social roots and brings new questions and challenges to the issue of freedom of expression on the web. Only a collective commitment at cultural and educational level can be the basis to counter online hate speech, promoting  at the same time freedom and participation which are major components of the Internet.

Responsibilities and roles of providers and media, legal tools and educational initiatives in schools will be the main issues addressed by the experts, starting from the results of the European two-year project BRICkS, which carried out studies on journalism and migration and media education workshops in schools in Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and Belgium.

The panel will be introduced by Sara Cerretelli- Cospe and moderated by Marco Pratellesi – Director AGI


Giovanni Ziccardi – Professor of Legal Informatics at the University of Milan

Sven Gantzkow – Social media manager WDR.de

Klara Kalibova  – Director of IUSTITIA

Daniel Bonvoisin – Media education expert at Média Animation

Martina Chichi – Coordinator of the Charter of Rome Association



The Italian training module against hate speech is online!

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Sep 222016

After 200 hours workshops in 5 schools and 580 students involved, it is finally available online the training module realized in the framework of BRICkS Project.

Realized by Cospe and Centro Zaffiria, the module is addressed to teachers and educators with the objective of promoting the active role of young people in the prevention and fight against online racist and xenophobic speech.

The training module was created through three phases. Firstly, a participatory process made up of meetings with different stakeholders, such as social media managers and other web experts, teachers, educators and second-generation activists. Secondly, two days of seminar, on September 2015, with educators from Emilia Romagna and Toscana Region, with interventions of professors and experts on the subject, supported by activities and games of role. Lastly, the module was tested through workshops in five upper secondary schools in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna Region.

These workshops were instrumental for the creation of the training module, which is based on everyday life of students: their experiences, opinion, strategies, and emotions.

The methodologies adopted have the objective of connecting the problem to the concrete experience of the students, to stimulate their reasoning and their positive action. As a result, the module contains activities and resources to prevent and combat hate on the Internet, it collects concrete solutions and ideas to promote further studies and to engage students and teachers through games of role, videos, and debates.

The training module will be distributed to the schools and to the National and Local institutions of the Education sector, and a free download is available here.

The module is receiving a good attention from the media and some of the articles are reported below:

Stampa: http://www.lastampa.it/2016/09/21/cultura/scuola/un-modulo-on-line-spiega-come-prevenire-lhate-speech-e-il-cyberbullismo-Uhs4eaJq8Lc2Xn4ml2j0mN/pagina.html

Repubblica: http://osservatorio-cyberbullismo.blogautore.repubblica.it/2016/09/20/arriva-il-modulo-didattico-contro-lodio-on-line/

Vita:  http://www.vita.it/it/article/2016/09/21/zitto-cyberbullo-un-progetto-didattico-contro-lhate-speech/140841/

Orizzonte scuola: http://www.orizzontescuola.it/integrazione-un-vademecum-nelle-scuole-per-combattere-listigazione-allodio/


BRICkS at the Internet Festival in Pisa, Italy

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Sep 132016

BRICkS will take part at the Internet Festival in Pisa on 9th October 2016 with the final event of the Project!

In the age of the “Internet of People and Things”, the dematerialisation of digital innovation creates real and solid links. An interconnected digital fabric that is ubiquitous, collaborative and adaptable, that supports the new information-based competitive and technological ecosystem.
The so-called “things” are nodes that are able to create signals that can then directly interact with cars, electric appliances, intelligent platforms and systems.The Internet Festival explores “forms of the future” that relate to this phenomenon. These digital “nodes and links” redefine the work of art and its audience, the economy and its agents, technology, sport, security, personal identity, conflicts, the media, education,…

Further information about our event about hate speech will be published  soon… Stay tuned!


Instagram against hate speech

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Sep 122016

Instagram’s Company recently announced that a new tool for filtering negative comments is available for its users.

The social network will automatically hide comments containing words or sentences considered inappropriate.

“Today, we’re taking the next step to ensure Instagram remains a positive place to express yourself,” Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom writes in a post. “The first feature we’re introducing is a keyword moderation tool that anyone can use. Now, when you tap the gear icon on your profile, you’ll find a new Comments tool. This feature lets you list words you consider offensive or inappropriate. Comments with these words will be hidden from your posts.”

It is a change for the better and an important action taken by the Company against abuse on the Internet.

Stopping hate on twitter

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Jul 252016

A practical guide to counter Hate Speech on Twitter.  The initiative is launched by Media Diversity Institute in the framework of the project “Get The Trolls Out” aimed at engaging young people around the importance of fighting antisemitic speech and bolstering new media advocacy against hate speech.

The objective of the guide STOPPING HATE is to counter hate speech as a way of responding to hateful speeches online, providing alternative positive messages, and helping shape tolerance and respect.

If left unchallenged, the peddling of myths, lies, and the use of hateful rhetoric and abuse can lead to more harm being done – especially when individuals are targeted without knowing there is support out there and ‘haters’ gain more confidence about expressing their views both on and off-line.”

As a public forum, Twitter is legitimate to require a serious consideration of comments. Hence, they provide a resource bank of ideas and suggestions with a view to adopting the best strategies to follow by using social media.

Among the possible solutions and most important recommendations available are: don’t spread their hate, respond promptly, think about your objectives, introduce new hashtags, build a narrative, choose your words carefully, don’t get personal, think about your tone, be visual, disengaging from counter speech.


Here you can download the guide Stopping Hate!

Workshops for students in Czech

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Jun 302016

bricks_studenti_04We are just before school holiday right now so it is a good timing for brief looking back at implementation of our workshops combating hate speech at high schools. Till now we have implemented 25 workshops for over 450 students and their feedback is really positive. To think about hate speech like about something problematic was for most of them very new. Students were not familiar with terms “dangerous speech” or “hoax”. In their own words they will be more aware of what they will learn from media and what they will share on social media from now on. However they are still trying to find their border of irony/humor and hate speech.   Do you know where is yours? What can be still considered as a joke and what is over line? This is an interesting point for deeper reflection for everybody of us.

bricks_studenti_02 bricks_studenti_03 bricks_studenti_05 bricks_studenti_07


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Multicultural Festival Kaleidoskop

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Jun 302016

3A day full of colours, exotic cuisine and interesting program was prepared by the organizers of Multicultural Festival Kaleidoskop for public audience. Festival Kaleidoskop took place 11th June in Prague and Multicultural Center of Prague was part of it with its activities to combat hate speech.

The audience were mainly families with kids – while the adults had the opportunity to try the quiz “know the religion of head covers,” children were trying to form a nice speech and write it down on inflatable balloons or create a picture. The goal was clear – to trump hate speech, which were hung  around, by children (or adults) messages. Adults participants had also opportunity to become familiar with the research realized in the area of hate speech.

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Workshop on Hate Speech at DIG Festival 2016

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Jun 222016

From June 23rd to Sunday 26th at the Cinepalace in Riccione, will be held the DIG Festival 2016. During the four days of high-quality formation for journalists, speakers among the best international reporters will hold more than 20 courses to promote continuing education.

On Saturday 25th, Giovanni Maria Bellu (Carta di Roma), Alessia Giannoni (Cospe), Valerio Cataldi (TG2), Giovanni Ziccardi (University of Milano) will debate on “Hate speech: from quotation to comments, the difficult struggle against incitement to hatred”. The seminar will provide advice on how to manage hatred speeches made by politicians and public figures. In a round table, they will also focus on the best practices that online newsrooms should adopt to deal with violent and intolerant comments.


Check the full festival programme to learn more about the event!